Backpacks for the road

Away for a day

Whether you go shopping or go to the zoo for a day, you can easily take your things with you in a daypack. In a backpack smaller than 35 liters you take an extra vest, your lunch and a bottle of drink. For extra comfort during a long day, take a backpack with padded shoulder straps and back ventilation.

Gone for several days

A weekend trip to Berlin or London? You do not need a briefcase for that. A spacious backpack is also suitable. In these backpacks larger than 35 liters fit several shirts, pants and your toiletries. Backpacks may also be carried in the storage compartment for hand luggage in the aircraft. Very handy.


A large backpack with back ventilation comes in handy when traveling. The back ventilation cools your back, which is especially nice when your bag is heavier.


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